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Events Calendar

We wish to thank all of you who make this venue possible

and appreciate the commitment to serving the Beech Grove Community.

Plays and other theatrical events
Art / Talent shows
Celebration of Life

Worship services, Bible studies and other routine congregational gatherings
Dinners, banquets, receptions, any function requiring a kitchen
Youth activities, with your adult leadership


Auditorium / Sanctuary

Kitchen and Dinning room

Game area

Class / meeting rooms

More to come…


In a nutshell, a time-share facility where Christian congregations, non-profit organizations, and other community groups can hold events for a variety of  purposes that serve the good of the community of Beech Grove.

Tell us about your event needs and we can  probably accommodate you. It is our purpose to serve the community in a positive way.  We believe that together we are stronger and more effective at making our world a better place.

Program Directors can be reached at:

Randy Middleton and Karla Richardson


Office: 317/222-4158


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