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Church congregations without a permanent building may wish to consider the advantages of time-sharing this venue.

Beech Grove United Missions for Christ: 
Independent Ministries, Sharing Resources to better spread God’s Word and serve the community of Beech Grove, IN

All Christians are called to different missions based on their individual gifts and desires.
Small, focused groups are more effective in accomplishing mission objectives.
Sharing facility expenses frees funds to support more ministries and serve more people.
United we become more responsible stewards of resources entrusted to our care.

Each congregation has a place to store their materials. They are brought out for services and events and put back afterwards. In this way no group is influenced by another’s philosophy.
There are many things that are common to all and therefore provided by the facility. Nothing can be attached to the fixtures without express, written consent of the Director.
Each group contributes a set amount of money for a specific time slot weekly. This covers the maintenance, upkeep, and utilities. Multiple areas and times are available for different activities. Please see the Fee Schedule for details.
Each congregation is responsible for their own insurance coverage (details available).

We Are The Church
Jesus established “the church”, not a specific denomination, those were created by man. Congregations have a valid reason to exist, but many have seemed to confuse their priorities.
We have divided ourselves into like minded groups with a shared goal. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Mission objectives of these congregations are admirable, but collectively we are spending way too much on facilities at the expense of missions. Often these buildings are only used on Sunday morning.
Previous attempts to encourage small congregations to merge have been fruitless. Retaining their respective identities is important to them, even within a given denomination. So we have devised a way to help smaller church bodies do more while retaining their respective individuality.

Beech Grove United Missions for Christ
Beech Grove United Missions for Christ is a time-share concept that allows multiple congregations to reduce their individual expenses while maintaining their independence.
While we are all used to the same time on Sunday morning, those willing to shift their meeting time(s) will benefit from reduced expense and greater funds available for their missions.
The facility includes:
 Sanctuary seating for over 220
 Wheelchair accessible
 Large kitchen
 Classrooms
 Some contracted services are available
And the main advantage is you only pay for what you use.
If your congregation is interested in exploring this option, please call or email our Program Director for more information.

Information for church congregations (download PDF)

Program Director
Phone: 317/332-6205

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