Beech Grove "Our Place"

Faith, Family, Community – Think it, Speak it, Live it!

The Plan


Add lighted Exit signs with emergency lighting – DONE

Add smoke alarms in all rooms – DONE



Add 200″ (8′ x 15′) screen.

Add 2-60″ house monitors and 2-42″ stage monitors. Also will have monitors in other parts of the building.

Add main stage curtain.

Add back stage curtain.

Add stage lighting.

Make pulpit, lecture, and rails all quick release for easy conversion between events.

Re-lead stained glass.

Refinish window trim.

Add blackout blinds to all windows.

Add 7 to 1 sound for movies.

Add theater sound for stage events.

Add new projector with multiple sources.

Add PTZ cameras for recording all angles of events.

Replace pews with individual chairs that can be attached in rows or moved as needed.

Top down cleaning

Clean carpets


Behind stage:


Bridal party preparation room




Clean or replace floor coverings in these areas.


Bell Tower:

Add lift

Add brochure rack


Top Floor:

Long room – Empty and use for storage

Former Scout room – Empty and convert as needed

Smaller rooms for props and storage as needed


Lower Level:

Main room

– Empty and refinish floors

– Add door to outside (street level entrance) [becomes main entry]

– Add entry foyer / platform and ramp if needed

– Add dance floor area

– Add DJ sound system

– Add monitor feed from upstairs

– Add WiFi access points

– Add tables and chairs

– Add handicap rails to restrooms (already large enough)


Old Choir room:

Becomes the Thrift Store


Large classroom with fireplace:

Becomes Groomsmen preparation area



Upgrade as needed

Add hand washing sink

Add commercial refridgeration

Service stoves and ovens

Service dishwasher


Also to be cleaned, painted, and repurposed / updated:


Closets (4)

Boiler room

Storage room behind boiler room

Restrooms (2)



Clean and clean carpets



New entry sidewalk at public sidewalk level

Patio pavers between both sets of stairs on Alton (north) side

Porch cover over door




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