Beech Grove "Our Place"

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What is BG Our Place?
It is an event venue and much more. Its primary purpose is to serve as a Christian Community and Performing Arts Center. It is the perfect venue for a wedding. There are also rooms available for community nonprofits to use and businesses to rent. It is a great place for birthday parties and family reunions. It is larger than the local community center, and smaller than a convention center, filling the void for a middle sized venue.

How is it funded?
There are a variety of fundraisers, like the last Saturday of every month is a dinner and concert. $10 per person, kids under 10 free, all proceeds go to the continued renovation of the building. The primary funding is through donations and grants. There is also a cash snack bar, where everything is under $2, and family meal deals are offered. That is open during any community event.

What kind of community activities are there?
Every Friday night we open the doors at 6 for people to come in, play board games, and other non digital games, and visit with their neighbors. The idea is to meet people face to face instead of on Facebook. Ironically, social media seems to be the best way to get the word out. More detail can be found at anyone interested in a tour can contact us through telephone, email, or Facebook and we will arrange it.

What else is planned for the future?
Many things. There will be a computer lab setup that will be available for tutoring, job searches, and general use. It is partially complete. The problem it will have is staffing, all staffing is volunteer. Young adults interested in spending a couple hours a week helping out youth are strongly encouraged to get involved.

The current focus is on family activities. The need for young families to have things to do that are free or low cost has been identified. We welcome, and encourage, any ideas to fill that need. We are also seeking ideas for teenagers, that seems to be the hardest group to satisfy. Having spoken with dozens and dozens of teens, we have not come up with a single idea that would encourage them to come and hang out.

Is this a church group and are you preaching to them?
That question comes up from the fact the it was originally constructed in 1927 as a church building. The building had been closed for five years when the BG Our Place concept was opened. While it is run by Christians, it is not a church. We believe ministering through action is stronger than ministering through words. We model for the youth.

Tell us a little bit about the facility.
The building had no handicap access. You had to go up stairs to the landing and then up stairs to the main floor or down stairs to the lower floor. We took out the ground on the north side of the building and put in a street level entrance. Then we added a lift in the old bell tower. So now the building is handicap accessible. The main floor, or former sanctuary, is being converted to an auditorium / theater. We have added a 200 inch, 14 foot by 8 foot screen. That is where we run the Friday night movies. There are two restrooms on this floor, one handicap accessible. Additionally there is space for bride and/or groom preparation, and a small library. On the lower floor is the banquet hall. That is where most activities take place right now. It has a large kitchen, two rest rooms, one handicap accessible, additional space for bride / groom preparation, and a small thrift store. The computer lab will also be on this floor. There is a 10 by 10 screen for showing movies here, and a DJ sound system for parties and wedding receptions. This is a more casual space and smaller performing groups will find this a more intimate setting. Larger performances will be held in the Main Theater.

Where can we find out what is going on?
There is and events calendar on the main website, and all public functions are announced on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us for a tour, booking, or additional information.

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