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Since 1908, the home of Beech Grove United Methodist Church has been at 9th and Alton. The original wood structure was moved to this site (but the year is not known).  The current three story part of the building was placed there in 1913. The main part, housing the Sanctuary, was constructed in 1927.   In August 2011 the congregation moved next door due to needed repairs and lack of handicap access.  The congregation was also focused on building a new facility on Emerson.

In February 2015 the decision was made to allow the building to be renovated and opened as a Community and Performing Arts Center.  After the process was started, and before several threads appeared on Facebook, considerable time and effort went into determining the communities wants and needs (during latter 2014). They were included in the plans.

Some of those desires are:

1) An affordable, non-denominational church for weddings that would allow couples to select their own officiant.

Our Answer) Sanctuary / Auditorium (220 seats, currently pew format), Bridal party and Groomsmen preparation areas.

2) Reception / dinning space with kitchen for catered events.

Our Answer) dinning room plus sizable kitchen (two stove/ovens, commercial sinks and dishwasher)

3) Concert venue

Our Answer) Auditorium and dinning area both available depending on type of space desired

4) Movie Theater (low cost)

Our Answer) Sanctuary converts to Auditorium

5) Drama (plays and musicals)

Our Answer) Sanctuary converts to Auditorium

6) Recital hall for private music teachers / students

Our Answer) Sanctuary converts to Auditorium or can use dinning area

7) Shared worship space for multiple congregations

Our Answer) Sanctuary (no UMC icons)

8) Large group meeting space

Our Answer)  Sanctuary converts to Auditorium or can use dinning area


Renovation began in April 2015. This page will be updated as the status changes.

Opened to the public with our first Friday Family Fun Night, games and a movie, on January 8, 2016.



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